It's Been a Long Week​.​.​. (And It's Only Tuesday)

by Dan DeMarco

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    At long last! After six months of hard working, my latest 14-song effort is finally complete! I began my first real string of performances in the midst of writing these songs, and I found my songwriting style starting to adapt away from the multi-instrumental numbers of my past albums to sparser, shorter songs with less instrumentation. That's not to say none of these songs are upbeat or catchy. Far from it! There are plenty of gems in my latest offering, so dig in! I hope you enjoy it. And thanks, as always, for listening.

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released April 27, 2012

All songs composed, performed and recorded by Dan DeMarco.

All lyrics written by Dan DeMarco.

The one-sided conversation about beatboxing that introduces "It's Been a Long Week..." was between Mister DeMarco and John Bovard.

The adorable laugh that can be heard near the beginning of "It's Been a Long Week..." was graciously supplied by Skylar Moore.

Special thanks to:
My advising committee: Skylar Moore and Dylan Jones. You guys put up with the crappy first drafts so no-one else has to.

My roommates Dylan, John and Emily for putting up with my incessant guitar playing and rather squealy voice.

And of course, all of my faithful listeners.

Thank you thank you thank you.



all rights reserved


Dan DeMarco Iowa City, Iowa

Dan DeMarco currently writes music under the name People Eater. His electronic music is written under the alias Trainpuncher, if you're into that. Here you'll find early versions of some People Eater songs, as well as other tunes he will most likely regret releasing in the future. ... more

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Track Name: It's Been a Long Week...
Home in a puddle
Something used to bend
It’s gone all strong inside

I’m all bright
It’s all right
You’re not raining down on me

I’m in a bubble
Floating over the street
It’s gone all strong inside

Everything here is green
Once you sweep the surface clean
Everyone took the fun
Out of wasting through a dream

Home in a puddle
I'm not used to this
And I've gone all strong inside
Track Name: Mark It Up
Oh I’m so uncertain
Something isn’t working
I can’t find the kind of mindset
Strictly speaking lurking

I’ll agree to what you’ve written
When I spin another fiction
The wait before a punch
You know it’s best to get it over with

I crack a smile when it’s polite
I’ll force it down without a fight

Mark it up

When I’m tracing out the black ink
On the dirty page I always think
The opinions of the minority
Are the ones I always carry

The revisions always get out of hand
It just makes it worse when I understand

I’m trying to be clearer
But the curtain’s getting nearer
And my allotted time is running out
And I there isn’t a genre for what I’m talking about

Oh I’m so uncertain
Something isn’t working
Is it easier to call it a night
And maybe admit someone else was right?
Track Name: Candle in a Jar
All you ever say is that you’re never gonna change
But both of us observe the way
Your thoughts keep rearranging themselves
And the pattern never fades or stays the same

The city says you’ll be fine
People wanna take their time
I’ll illuminate but not that far
Like a candle in a jar

All you wanna do is make sure you document the past
You think that cuz our time is short
The memories won’t last very long
But I know that you’re wrong
And you’ll know too

If that’s what you think you need
But the clock will never change its speed
We’re just surrounded by a cloud of doubt
That makes it seem like we’re running out
Out of time

All you ever say is that we’re never gonna change
But maybe that’s a wishful thought
We use to help us gauge our lives
And where we stand inside the lines
Of our own minds
Track Name: Like I Told You
I wish I was right all the time
So I could think of something to say
When you ask me why do I always act this way

I know that it was never a conscious choice
To relive these buried days
But we’re digging them up anyway

I wish that the wet on my legs
Could crystallize back to ice again
That way I’d pretend that the end
Was back where it belonged

Like the words that I said that day
And it was never deliberate
When I made you remember him
I don’t even know where to begin

Memories fade but they’re always there
Hanging out in the dark
The dimmest room in your head
The tape plays back again

And people change but they don’t forget
They way they used to feel
The moments that got a little bit too real

I wish you were here when you’re gone
So I can always be sure you’re safe
You’re the person I’ll always have around to protect

And it’ll always be agony
When I fall short of who you need
Short of the person that I need to be
Track Name: Slow Trip Downtown
If you’re a wanderer like me
On the coldest city street
You’ll take the night train downtown
Doubts’ll follow you around

And everyone’ll know your name
They’ll see the places that you came from
And you never made sense of the cure
Guess you were never really sure

Under the cheap electric light
Up in the middle of the night
I took a slow trip downtown
My worries followed me around

And everybody saw my face
They knew that I was out of place here
And I can’t remember what you were
Guess I was never really sure
Track Name: Lucked Out
Sirens are burning the snowbanks outside
I open the window and ask for a ride
The song gets inside drills a hole through the wall
And my voice is so muffled you can’t hear it at all

I’m hung up on the now ‘cuz my future’s too bleak
So I’ll sit here and wait ‘til it’s my turn to speak
I step over trash every day of the year
‘Cuz tomorrow I know it’ll all disappear

Waiting to hear you confirm what I thought
Just an airborne disaster waiting to be caught
I collapse in a plume, make a hole in the ground
But I’ll get the most credit for just hanging around

Yeah, and I know
You got it figured out
But I’m not the one who lucked out

And I know
You wanna help me out
But I’m just about lucked out
Track Name: Tired Of Me
I'm so tired of me
You're so tired of me too
Track Name: Sure
Are you sure what you’re doing?
Insecure icky feelings all

Have you found what's been ruining your thoughts?
Can’t get past this block

Almost there, ready to go now
I don’t care, the past, my hometown and out

Break back up
Are you still behind everyone?
Wait ‘til Dad finds out where you’ve gone
Walk another block
Track Name: Forced Like a Smile
Everyone has noticed by now
A struggle to think
You mutter and sink through the sidewalk downtown

Now I can’t remember your face
A sickening spell
Won’t let myself dwell on the negative space

Now that I’m done needing you
How has life been treating you?

Sheltered in the eye of the storm
This city’s the same
I’m staging my game in the place I was born

Always writing, keeping track
Unwelcome memores flooding back

And I can’t stay for too long

Bringing all these dead ghosts to life
Means nothing at all
Just a courtesy call at the end of the night
Track Name: Just a Shipwreck
My daughter wants to be a ricochet
When she’s in trouble she’ll just bounce away
She’ll keep the monster in her mind at bay
And wait ‘til it goes away

It’s second nature to me you know
I’m just a shipwreck in the making
So just pick up your phone if you need me to let you down

The words escaped her mouth and turned to smoke
Said I’m always laughing cuz my life’s a joke
I’ll put all my icky feelings on display
And hope that they go away

If you’re asking me
I wouldn’t intervene
Just enjoy the scenery
Don’t make a scene

She turned away from the evening
She said it’s time for me to get rolling
But you know where to go if you need someone to let you down
Track Name: In a Well-Lit Room
It’s the scariest thing
When you turn off
In a well-lit room
I see every detail
As clear as daylight every night

Did I fall asleep again?
Can you find me?
An anchor attached to you
Just hold on
I promise I won’t ever let you go
I know where you need to go

Take me, tell me where you are
I’ll find you
No matter where you are
It’s not far
Track Name: Coming Back to Haunt Me
It’s as dark as it can be on this cold winter street
All the streetlights are buzzing in my ears

Everybody knows you’re coming back to haunt me soon

And the figments that walk through the dim scene
All could be you walking toward me on my way to meet you

And everybody knows you’re coming back to haunt me soon
Track Name: Sticky Tack
Waiting games and memories surround me
Maybe it’s not so bad

Drawing out a map to see the city
Scissors and sticky tack
Keeping track

Still don’t get it when you say you owe me
You tell me every day

Double meaning in the words you told me
I’m gonna let myself be okay
And I’ll stop looking
Track Name: Can't Catch a Break
The streets they keep on changing their names
These fleeting ghosts of momentary gains
They appear each time that I turn on TV
So I wait until they leave
No, I ain’t got nothing up my sleeve

I rode around downtown last night
And I caught a sight or two
There was someone there with a gait like yours
She moved the way you used to

Got a car cuz I can’t out-walk these dreams
Singing so I’m not bursting at the seams
And the streetlights peer through the window at me
And they ask me for my name
In the rearview mirror it’s all the same

Can’t catch a break in this lullaby town
When there’s nowhere else to go
While I’m awake everyone’s at rest
Lulled to sleep by the TV’s glow