by Dan DeMarco

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    I'll be honest here: recording this album wasn't easy. I almost gave up near the end and considered shelfing it--a decision I'm glad I didn't end up making. Inventions is definitely a strange piece of work, but it's an album I'm glad I made, and I hope you enjoy listening to its music as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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released October 27, 2011

All songs composed, performed and recorded by Dan DeMarco.

All lyrics written by Dan DeMarco.

Special thanks to:
Skylar Moore for her good advice and helping me figure out the track listing.

Dylan Jones for his good advice and for insisting I include "You Again" as a bonus track.

Everyone else for their eternal patience and support.

Thank you muchly!



all rights reserved


Dan DeMarco Iowa City, Iowa

Dan DeMarco currently writes music under the name People Eater. His electronic music is written under the alias Trainpuncher, if you're into that. Here you'll find early versions of some People Eater songs, as well as other tunes he will most likely regret releasing in the future. ... more

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Track Name: Postmarked Lover
I have become a cross-country runner
This is a song for when the sky turns gray
I wrote it for the girl who stole my summer
She took my summer away

And all I think about is when I get back there
The tiny city where she waits for me
A million miles or a million minutes
It’s harder than you think to see between

She hit me with her red electric stunner
There’s wasn’t time get out of her way
That was the day she came to take my summer
She took my summer away

Our time together seemed to end so quickly
Took such an effort just say goodbye
I’m counting down to a day so distant
I writing lyrics just to get me by

I need to find a place to get some cover
People look at me funny when I say
Please have you seen the girl who stole my summer?
She took my summer away

This is a song about my postmarked lover
This is a song to get me through the day
I need to find the girl who stole my summer
She took my summer away
Track Name: Felt Good the First Time
I’ll never be as good as you look
I only cover tracks that I mistook
I’ll never be as cool as your coolest gaze
My voice of reason has seen better days

It felt so good the first time
So tell me there’s a next time
Maybe soon

When you’re not around it’s such a bore
And doing things alone is such a chore

Call me, I’m free
Track Name: Come Back To Me
Come back to me and I’ll make it better
Your lightbulb head blew up too fast
The papercut pages form your letters
Blow ashes backwards to escape the past

I take great care in my self-expression
I try so hard not to be obscure
I cast a shadow and I see it stretching
Over the beaches to the country cure

All the ghosts on your mantle
They all know my name
Every time I come over it’ll be the same

I used to know how to break a moment
Filled up with smoke like circus tent
All fumigated, every inch is sterile
Maybe this time we let ourselves forget

Come back to me and I’ll make it better
Your question head grew up too fast
The papercut pages form your letters
Blow ashes backwards to escape the past

I had a dream about someone
Who told me she was breaking through
And even though she looked different
I knew I was talking to you
And when I saw your smile I knew what to do
Track Name: Autumn (So Far)
There’s just no time for it now
I never could
I’m losing touch, I’m a blur
I’ll be no good

Autumn so far around me
Won’t help my head
I’m a ghost
Walking around her street

What seemed to come by itself
Now won’t appear
Becomes a struggle every time
I lend my ear

Autumn so far around me
Won’t let me in
I'm a ghost
Singing outside her door
Track Name: Picture in a Picture
Paint a roadmap on your face
Close your eyes and pick a place
Nineteen hours could be far
Taking pictures from inside our car

Woah, I wanna stay up later now that you’re around

Sleepy dust falls from my eyes
Stammering our sad goodbyes
But I know I’ll see you in my head
Or on my screen instead

‘Cuz you’re a picture in a frame
A painting with a different name
So unique and so beautiful
I’ve got you on my wall

Woah, I wanna stay up later now that you’re around
I wanna be that special sound that keeps you on the ground
You’ll see the feeling’s greater when you come around

Picture in a picture
Track Name: Crow Song
Went exactly how I wanted
Pretty sure this room is haunted

Give me some last minute correction
To my latest inkblot collection
Let’s make up, my disc is scratchless
Neon orange wool-knit hat

Miss Monotone cries out her warning
It’s okay, I’ll wait ‘til morning

Fantasy guitar with the hollow chrome pickups
There’s no such thing as a cure for hiccups
That works
Track Name: Sixteen Year Fear
I’m a space hero
I fight aliens in my head
There’s a boogeyman in my closet
Monsters under my bed

Hold me accountable
Don’t let me get away with anything that I do
Hold me accountable
And when the ground gives way I’ll sink with you

One of these days I’ll lose my balance
Topple over and into the street
One of these days I’ll blow my cover
Don’t be discreet

I’m a desperate man
I hold onto every single cent
I find everyone loses money
Everyone pays their rent

Hold me accountable
Don’t let me get away with anything that I do
Hold me accountable
Or when I crash and burn you’re gonna blow up with me too

There's also a little spoken word bit in the middle section called “Walls Like Claws”:
My name is a whisper and it singes the wallpaper. Fingers of white paint curling from the walls like claws, suffocating as I pass by. Walking through the chambered air. Lips like a fountain, lipsticked hair. The long ago whistle of the ghost of a train, like a shadow or a specter on a billboard. I realize my time and space and we merge into a unit. Single and definite.

This is a risk you have to take. We unfurl and separate, a temporary temporal rift in our calendar year. Our streams have connected to form a river, and dividing them now is like building a wall through an ocean. A dam. A power plant. Hydroelectricity shocking our veins, we shake upwards, rocking back and forth, around and through each other, up and out. The air carried in my hair becomes short and light. There is no difference. There is no problem.
Track Name: Heading Home
Though I could wait another minute or two I go
Out to her sidewalk home
She builds a nest and tells me write me a song and I do
And the breeze blows through
With amber leaves everywhere
Acting like I don’t care
But all the time I spend without you there falls through

These are the times I think that I want to keep inside
And help to calm my mind
When you decide to leave and I’m left to shuffle through
All these moments with you
I won’t feel so alone
When I’m on the bus and heading home
Awake at 9 am and still writing songs about you
Track Name: Lost at Sea
Highway bound
Lost and found
Lulled to sleep by the engine sound

At the wheel
Nothing’s real
That’s how empty a space can feel

Give and take
Starlit lake
I’m the last one left awake

Turnpike fee
You and me
Drive all night like we’re lost at sea

Roads renew
Thoughts come through
Memories start to tint my view

Spend my time
I trace a line
Aligning points where these thoughts combine

I won’t forget
These moments yet
Connect the dots to create a net

The things I catch
As they mismatch
The music plays as my speakers scratch