Hello Moon

by Dan DeMarco

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    Recorded over a year, this release brings together new tunes with a few old fossils (Big Deal, Glenn Gould), re-recorded and given a fresh start. I made it a point to not drive myself crazy over every little detail on this album, and I only partially succeeded, but either way Hello Moon came out way better than I could ever have expected. Thanks as always for listening.

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released April 17, 2013

All songs written and recorded by Dan DeMarco.



all rights reserved


Dan DeMarco Iowa City, Iowa

Dan DeMarco currently writes music under the name People Eater. His electronic music is written under the alias Trainpuncher, if you're into that. Here you'll find early versions of some People Eater songs, as well as other tunes he will most likely regret releasing in the future. ... more

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Track Name: Sparkler Gone Dark
Voice like a campfire
Head like a doll
Cracks buried under porcelain skin

Tattooed and sprawling
Figures make their mark
Still can’t find the spark to begin

And the words on your arms won’t fade
Even when your tired body has turned in for the night

These memories just won’t go away
They replay behind your weary mind

You say it’s all all right
But what will you do
When it’s all caught up with you?

Mistakes start to pile up
Follow you around
Still won’t make a sound when you’re afraid

You said “One of these days
I just won’t show up again”
Forced out every friend you might have made

And you look so much older than you should
An effect from the anxiety you’re never gonna face

You know it won’t do you any good
Just to force a grin and bear it in that unforgiving place
Track Name: Ada's Ghost
If you’re looking for a reason, get in line
Her friends are gone but Ada stays behind
Time falls apart
See her after dark
Lost in the park

The rustle of the leaves
The wind in the swings
I talked to Ada underneath the tree
Her spirit sang to me

I was looking for a little peace of mind
On a cool breeze night, and who else did I find?
Ada by my side
But her tongue was tied
Secrets she hides

The rustle of the leaves
The wind in the swings
I walked with Ada by the dim starlight
And we wandered through the night

And sometimes when the day is growing long
Take a stroll downtown and listen to her song
She’s seen it all
Winter from fall
Still hear her call

The rustle of the leaves
The wind in the swings
Look for Ada when the night is true
And she might sing for you
Track Name: Big Deal
Frost has taken over all the air in this place
Stumbling across the courtyard I'll be found
You can catch me out there with a look on my face
The best sedation in town

It comes easy if you give it time, they all say
And I'm too chilled out for my own good
Anger never solved your problems, no, you're okay
Now you're in my neighborhood

This looks all too familiar
Yes, I have been through this before

All the ways that I could try to explain
These feelings or the lack thereof
Turn the other cheek from things that should cause you pain
Good advice from those up above

And far away
There is peace in the familiar
It's okay, you don't need to act unaware
It's not like I choose not to care

Frost has taken over all the air in this place
Winter's taken hold and I'm a mess
But I won't acknowledge all the hardship I face
It's not that big a deal I guess
Track Name: Pocahontas
Fuzzed out in my ears
You never could get through
Best-laid plans, last demands

Clean up my affairs like I got somewhere to be
Stuck inside my room
I can only hope that you’re still waiting for me
I’d never ask it of you

How much will it cost to leave here?
I’m afraid to change
Count on Dan, he always can

Clean up his affairs like he’s got somewhere to be
Stuck inside his room
I can only hope that someone’s waiting for me
I’d never ask it of you
Track Name: Want So Bad
I said I’d never learn from you
But I’ve been wrong before
Mark my words it’s that kind of a debt
That I have never been good for

We made half-promises
That came with cracks
It was easy to see how they broke once we looked back

Night time ramblings soon
Humming my favorite tune
Wrapped up tight in the moonlight
Dying for some sleep

Last night I had a dream
I was standing outside your street
But the morningtime woke me up
Before we could meet

And you were waiting for me to grow up
Crossed in a thick red line
And I’d gone so far out I didn’t know
I’d become frozen in time

Words that sail through space
They sting and they hurt
I should consider myself lucky they still worked

And I was fighting the tide
Were you still on my side?
Mortified but I still tried
Holding on to you

If there’s something I would prove
It’s that your smile is worth some fight
And the thought that counts the most:
With you, I feel right
Track Name: Frightening Thing
Autumn came with a whirlwind storm
A hurricane with a fearsome form
Threatened my home on a TV screen
Never seen such a frightening thing

Called your home when the hours grew long
Said to call if anything was wrong
And every time that devil phone would ring
Never heard such a frightening thing

Lost control when the hour was late
I let you see the me we both hate
And now your smile has lost its sheen
Never done a more frightening thing