Discount Fire Alarm

by Dan DeMarco

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    Released on Friday the 13th. Pretty creepy, no? It was originally supposed to have 13 tracks too, but one of 'em just wasn't getting the job done. So here we are with 12. There's a lot of weird ones on here. I like it. I think you'll like it too.

    Downloading the album comes with oodles of artwork and a tiny little video clip as well. Hope you enjoy it!

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released May 13, 2011

All songs composed and recorded by Dan DeMarco.

All lyrics written by Dan DeMarco except for the ones for "I Like Gypsies", which were improvised on the spot by Skylar Moore.

All songs performed by Dan DeMarco except for "I Like Gypsies", whose vocals are performed by Skylar Moore.



all rights reserved


Dan DeMarco Iowa City, Iowa

Dan DeMarco currently writes music under the name People Eater. His electronic music is written under the alias Trainpuncher, if you're into that. Here you'll find early versions of some People Eater songs, as well as other tunes he will most likely regret releasing in the future. ... more

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Track Name: The Fakest Laugh I Ever Heard
The fakest laugh I ever heard
Was from you on a night in December
On the coldest street where we’d always meet
Since before either of us could remember

I could see your breath become chimney smoke
Like a cloud from your lips it was frightening
And your laughs rang hollow in my cold, numb ears
‘Cuz I thought being aloof was the right thing to do

And the dumbest joke that I ever told
We were hanging and hiding from winter
In the brightest room in Stanley Hall
Watching drunkards outside sing and litter

And you said we had different thoughts about love
It was a term you defined so rigidly
And I asked what you thought that I thought on the subject
And your answer stuck a pin right through me

And the biggest lie I ever told
Was on the coldest March night in history
We were talking about life and the meaning therein
There was laughing and late night profundity

And I knew that you knew we didn’t know what to do
So we decided to just act rationally
But the unspoken words that we buried that night
Revealed we wanted that lie so desperately
To be true
Track Name: Forget It
I have become
So disconnected
From what I used to think mattered

I’m not a ghost
But you can see through me
I’m completely transparent

It’s funny cuz it’s true
And the joke is my attempts
To make a connection with you
Wait I think I had something to say
Better just forget I said anything

The first time I
Caught my reflection
I jumped right out of my skin

Your politics
You’ve rigged the system
So there’s no way you can win

This is something different
Track Name: All These Terminals
So indiscreet
I put my heart between my teeth
Won’t leave me be
Another place for me to see

On my own it’s easier to leave

Became old friends
I’ll be there when the message sends
See you again
This isn’t where it’s gonna end

Minutes stretch and become a monument
Saving up all the time we’ve yet to spend

I lift my head as I wait for the airplanes
All these terminals dishearten me so
Track Name: Prove Me Wrong
I’ve got my work cut out for me
Waiting tables for eternity
Is all I see
I’ve got my fingers crossed for you
I wanna help you do what you’ve got to do
So let me into your head

You gotta prove me wrong
Ignite me with your love

I’ve seen a lot of these stairs
When I’m hiding
When you’re near
When I wanna know the coast is clear
When I rear my ugly head
Track Name: Go Exploring
Trading spaces
I’m not waiting
I won’t lie to you

Took my place
Anticipated my whole life up to this point
We knew it

Slow and steady
I’m not ready
For this light just yet

In the morning
Go exploring under caves and bridges
Make an ocean
Track Name: Someday I'll Be Cool
Someday I’ll be cool
Calculated, cruel
Hands behind my back
Pre-emptive attack

Got my master plan
Not that kind of man
Try to knock me out
Think I’ll sit this one out

Thinking all the time
Walk the dotted line
Stick to my own kind
Slowly lose my mind
Track Name: I Like Gypsies



I like gypsies because they're not tied down to anything and they can go wherever they want. They seem to have, like, there's an allure to gypsies, you know? Because -- I don't know if it's the fabric or the way they dance or talk but they're really alluring to me, and -- But society doesn't really like them very much because they, you know, they're a menace to society because they're everything society hates. Everything society wants to, like, crush. I guess maybe they're free spirits and they can go wherever they want. But society doesn't really like people who don't have direction. And they don't have direction. I don't have direction. And I don't know if that's good or bad.

Once I thought I'd be like a propaganda writer. I thought I could write excellent propaganda, but the world doesn't really need anymore propaganda writers. So I'm wondering what it is that I can do. What I'm good at.

Lately all it's been is random occurrences connected together without any kind of rhyme or reason or purpose. And I don't know if it's bad. My life is just catching dandelions between my toes and drawing mermaids in sidewalk chalk on benches and waking up naked in the arms of some guy from West Chester, wondering, How did I get here?

But I don't know if it matters how I got here or not. This is where I am now. So this is where I can't stay. So I guess I'll get myself a caravan and roam.
Track Name: Duct Tape Blues
I’m not upset
I’m just in debt
Nested in my junkyard

Burrowed in dread
Stuck in my head
Breathing isn’t too hard

You’re something new
I take my cue
Wrapped around each other

My head is light
Feeling uptight
Sleeping through another year it’s clear

Can’t say a word
I can’t be heard
Bitten tongue I’m so dumb

You think I’m nice
So fool me twice
Holding out is no fun

No-one plays fair
Why should I care?
Best to keep my mouth shut

I’m heading south
Duct tape my mouth
So no-one can know what I think and sink

Let’s be alone
A few seconds more
Nobody’s home
So lock your door
We’ll learn to ignore

Bury this feeling
Feels like I’m stealing
It can be frustrating

I won’t deny it
I’ll just keep quiet
Make it entertaining

Keep getting nearer
I’ll break your mirror
Shattered at the first touch

A glassy heart is your finest work of art
I can’t imagine that much pain, you’ll drain

Let’s be alone
A few seconds more
Nobody’s home
So lock your door
The birds outside
We’ll keep at bay
I know you want to stay
Track Name: Snapped
Lost inside my head
I never asked, you said
The liberty wasn’t mine
But it won’t hurt this time
It’s not fair to forget
And time won’t heal me yet

I’m not the me you know
An imprint from long ago
An angel in the snow
I’m not the me you know

Climb up to your nest
Hollow words at best
Of course you’re still my friend
Just don’t do it again
Track Name: Bad Memories
A nondescript shade of grey
Doesn’t matter anyway
Lost my head for a while
Sat back up, tried to smile

I never needed anything
Especially from you
That’s why I never asked for anything
Especially from you
I never wanted anything

Pictures change blue to red
Feeling sick in my head
Tilt yourself back and open wide
Carried off by the tide

Memories are tinted blue
Echoed image something new
Tell me what I have to do
To get rid of you
Track Name: Caterpillar
Caterpillar caterpillar living in a tree
Chewing on a leaf when you sneak away with me
Always dressed up in your cocoon so tight
Maybe you’ll become a different bug tonight

‘Cuz I’m always around when you need me
What will it take to make you believe me?
It’s the way that you look at me that makes me wanna know
But despite all your secrets I still hate to see you go
Track Name: I'm a Wreck
Not to be outdone I crawled to you
Turned away and wishing that I knew you
Wrote a mess of songs, secrets for you
Not sure what I thought that was supposed to do

Now I’m on square one, well that’s something
Can’t say I did not see this coming
Something in me tried to avoid you
Now I spend my time thinking how to get through to you

Now I’m a wreck
But if you try me later
I’ll erase just like magic
Any trace of my sadness

These fast-healing scars they never show
Memories fade they just don’t know
What do you think of me right now?
Would you be honest?
Don’t know how
Not right now